Fu Style

One of the most exciting things about being a member of the Regina Tai Chi Centre is being a part of the Fu Style family. Fu Style is a dynamic and energetic internal martial art style created by Fu Zeng Song which draws from Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi.

Fu Zhen Song was born in HeNan province, in the district of Xin-Yang, and village of Ma-Po. As a teenager he was very fond of martial arts. There was a martial arts school in Ma-Po Village. In the beginning, in one small town, Chen Ja Go. His Chen style teacher was Chun Yen-Si, whose other name was Chun Hwei-Jia. Chun was a Chen Tai-Chi 8th generation master. Yang Lu-Chan was his KungFu uncle. Fu ‘s first martial art was Chen Tai Chi, at the local martial arts school. At the same time, Fu studied Bagua Palm from Dong Hai-Chuan’s student Jia Chi-Hsan, (Jia Fan-Ming), in Beijing. Fu is the WuDang Grandmaster, considered to be of the highest level in the WuDang society. In addition to his high level martial arts skill, he was also noted for his nobleness of character. Fu was the 3rd generation of Dong Hai-Chuan.

Grandmaster Fu traveled throughout all of China, sought the best martial arts instructors, and exchanged information. Fu is world famous for his martial arts prowess. He learned, practised, and taught martial arts over the entire course of his life. Fu was famous for his Tai Chi, Bagua, spear, and sword. He also excelled in Xingyi. His popularity stemmed from always helping people fend off bullies.