About Us

The Regina Tai Chi Centre is operated by the Regina Wushu Fundraising Committee (RWFC).  The RWFC is a not for profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Chinese Martial Arts in Regina Saskatchewan.  The RWFC is open to anyone who wishes to participate.  Funds raised are used to operate the Regina Tai Chi Centre, help subsidize training, education and competition expenses for students of Chinese Martial Arts.

The Regina Tai Centre is operated by the RWFC to promote Chinese Martial Arts and, in particular, Fu Style internal martial arts in a way that cultivates health and wellness.  In addition to classes for Centre members, the Regina Tai Chi Centre provides free community programs to schools and other qualifying organizations as well as subsidized programs for businesses and government offices.

The Regina Tai Chi Centre’s lineage spans six generations to Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song (1872-1953).  Head coach, Chris Rothecker has been influenced and inspired by his teacher, Shane Kachur and has also had the great privilege to study under Grandmaster Nick Gracenin.  At the Regina Tai Chi Centre we are motivated to see each person progress to reach their full potential both in and out of class.

Coaches Chris Rothecker and Scot Beaumont have competed both locally and internationally receiving numerous medals and awards.