Fall Semester 2016

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Last night was the start of our Fall semester for 2016.  The Fall semester this year runs from September 21 to December 21.  If you are considering starting Tai Chi there is still time to register.  The Fall session registration closes on October 1 so if you want to get in for this semester just send an email to Coach Chris: chris@reginataichi.com.

This semester we have Tai Chi Fundamentals 1 which is meant for absolute beginners of all ages and skill levels.  In this class we will explore Tai Chi basic techniques, understand Tai Chi as a martial art and discuss Yin and Yang energies in relation to Tai Chi techniques.  We also have a large number of students in our Tai Chi Fundamentals 2 class.  This class carries on with the concepts and techniques learned in Fundamentals 1 but also introduces 4 new energy concepts: Peng, Lu, Ji, and An.

There are only 6 spots left in the Tai Chi Fundamentals 1 class for this semester so if you’re interested come out and try it out before October 1st and the drop in fees will be waived for the remainder of September!