The Regina Tai Chi Centre is a membership based Chinese Martial arts club.  The club offers traditional Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts classes to club members as well as special classes throughout the year for non-members.  The internal styles are great for individuals who wish to improve balance, fitness, and flexibility. It is less physically intense that Wushu (Kung Fu), but its complexity can create a challenge even for the experienced athlete.

Tai Chi or Taijiquan (Grand Ultimate Boxing), is the most well known of the “internal styles”. Tai Chi can be studied for its health benefits as it develops power, balance, and strengthens the postural muscles of the body. It is also a very complete martial art with joint locks, take-downs and strikes and can be studied in the more traditional manner.

In addition to Tai Chi we offer Baguazhang (Eight Trigram Palm), a system of martial arts that focuses on stepping, posture and power generation by the use of circular action and Xingyiquan (Mind-intent Boxing), which develops focus, strength, and power through the use of explosive power.

Regina Tai Chi Centre classes are taught at the Knox Metropolitan Church gymnasium located at 2340 Victoria Avenue in Regina, Saskatchewan.

For class times and more information please contact us at info@reginataichi.com.